Pledge to Stay Vigilant on Social Media

As more of our lives than ever before move into the virtual arena, it is that much more important than ever to recognize how traffickers use the platforms to lure people into dangerous situations. 

Polaris’s 2020 analysis of data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline showed that online recruitment into trafficking situations increased a significant 22% during the lockdowns, as other common recruitment sites such as strip clubs, foster homes and schools were shuttered for a time.

Most notably, the analysis found a major increase - a leap of 120 percent - in the proportion of trafficking victims who met their traffickers through Facebook or Instagram.

Traffickers often exploit a victim’s existing vulnerabilities and needs - acting as a confidante, a close friend, or, in many cases, a romantic partner. You never really know who you are talking to online and traffickers are experts at finding what a person needs most - be it love, friendship or just someone to talk to - and stepping in to a person’s life to fill that void. Take the pledge now to commit to actively fighting human trafficking.

The first step to prevention is to understand how traffickers show up online. The first step begins with you. I pledge to:

After signing, you’ll receive an email with resources meant to help keep you and your children safe online. From safety planning tips to training programs and survivor stories - the best human trafficking prevention tool we have is educating ourselves on how it most commonly happens. You’ll also receive a social media graphic to share your pledge and encourage others to do the same.