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By definition, human trafficking involves being forced, manipulated or tricked into activities that someone would not otherwise do – such as selling sexual services, doing any kind of work without pay or without the promised working conditions.

Among the many risks victims of human trafficking experience is committing a crime as a consequence of their trafficking situation. In fact, our most recent study – the National Survivor Study – a survey of nearly 500 trafficking survivors in the US, found that 42% of all respondents reported having a criminal record. Of those with records, 90% reported that all, or some, of their arrests were related to their exploitation.

Having a criminal record – even an arrest record without a conviction – can make it harder or even impossible for survivors to secure jobs, rent apartments, or even coach their children’s sports teams.

These negative impacts on survivors’ lives and healing journeys have been the reason why Polaris and many other organizations advocate for a comprehensive federal legislation that offers a pathway for survivors to clear their records.

This is why Polaris supports the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act of 2024 (HR 7137 and S 4214), a bipartisan effort to bring relief to victims and survivors of human trafficking. This bill has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the lives and health of human trafficking survivors by providing resources to expunge their criminal records for crimes committed while they were in their situations of trafficking. 

Additionally, this bill includes other benefits, like expanding offenses eligible for sentencing reduction by making it easier for survivors to show proof of their trafficking situations.

Passing this bill is a crucial step forward for victims and survivors and will help them clear their records and offer them an opportunity to start anew. By contacting your Members of Congress today, you can help make a difference and support survivors on their journeys to freedom!

- First, call or make an appointment with your Congress members and tell them to support the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act. You can find their phone number here.
- You can also fill out this form to send an email to your Representative and Senators.