Help Disrupt Human Trafficking Networks

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In the past, you helped pass a bill that requires businesses to disclose to law enforcement their “beneficial owners” - that is, the people who actually own the company. This seemingly basic change opens up a world of possibilities for law enforcement to connect the dots to uncover networks of human trafficking businesses.

The bipartisan ENABLERS Act will make that work even more important by closing a loophole that allows some businesses to skirt anti money-laundering responsibilities.

Specifically, the bill requires attorneys, accountants, and anyone else who is responsible for making financial transactions for their clients to report if those clients are up to something that looks shady.

Banks and financial institutions already have to do this under U.S. law and their efforts at flagging suspicious activities are vital to disrupting trafficking networks. Expanding this responsibility to attorneys, accountants, money managers and others will give law enforcement even more tools to hold traffickers accountable.

Contact your representatives today and ask for their support.