Expand Legal Protections to LGBTQ+ People

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There is a direct link between anti LGBTQ+ discrimination and human trafficking. When someone's opportunities for a decent job or safe housing are constantly shattered because of discrimination based on who they are or how they look, that makes them vulnerable to human trafficking.

Traffickers then have an open door to step in and offer “help” that turns out to be anything but. We know that traffickers operate by preying on vulnerable people - stepping in to fill a need they can’t get elsewhere then tricking or coercing their victims into labor or commercial sex.

The Equality Act would add explicit protections in federal law preventing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity for employment, housing and more. 

It won’t end discrimination altogether - but it will help to make the systems more fair, and in doing so, make traffickers less powerful. Tell your Congress members to support the Equality Act now!